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June 11 2015

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It’s been five years since…

The second recap [6/11/10]


my dad plays badminton with other dads and I told him to start a club called ‘dadminton’ and he let out the most fatherly chortle

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draws a smol buck


one time my old roommate made an account on some kind of website focused on finding job offers, and a random woman sent her a message that was like, “hello, i see you are a young woman who lives in maryland, i am looking for someone to legally marry my son for two years so that he can get cheaper tuition to a college in your state, would you be interested? i would pay you for doing this and you could get divorced afterwards”

it was SUPER WEIRD and she was of course like “no?? i won’t do this, what the fuck” BUT ANYWAYS IMO this should be everyone’s next strange fanfiction plot: “we got married for the college tuition because my mom secretly arranged it over the internet” au

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thank u free country usa god bless

a true jury of my peers

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that face when the other empress has breathable spandex and you’re wearing velvet in june

condy is yaexrae 
photo is a very patient cowbuttcrunchies



i consistently forget that theres been a spaghetti costume in my closet for like five years now everytime im looking for something in there its like “oh yeah”

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Did… Did Fables: The Wolf Among Us just reference John Mulaney’s Salt and Pepper Diner bit?

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this is what a real geisha looks like:


as you can see, the makeup, the hairstyle, and the clothing are all way off. your “geisha” is wearing a qipao, when she should be wearing a kimono; green and gold makeup, when she should be wearing red and white makeup; her hair does not match the hairstyles shown above at all; and she’s wearing fishnet stockings when geishas’ kimonos are too long to show their legs. what’s with the winged eyeliner? geishas don’t have that. the lips should also be completely filled in with red lipstick, not partially.

it’s also worth noting that geishas are japanese and your “geisha” is wearing chinese cultural clothing. when you use chinese cultural clothing for a look with its origins in japanese culture, you are perpetuating the idea that our cultures are interchangeable, which they are not. any chinese person who is familiar with japanese culture (or vice versa) will tell you that there is a huge difference between chinese and japanese cultures. our languages, cultural clothing, and traditions are too dissimilar to be conflated with one another.

not to mention that the use of fishnet stockings with the qipao implies you’re sexualizing it. the qipao is not sexual. it is simply a beautiful dress to be worn on special occasions, such as chinese new year celebrations. when you sexualize the qipao, which is worn by chinese women, you also contribute to the sexualization of chinese women.


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  • when we were so exclusive and didnt want people from facebook joining tumblr because we considered tumblr as like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
  • everyone wanted a tumblr university
  • making fun of people in facebook
  • hipster bloggers, meme bloggers, pop culture bloggers, emo bloggers
  • the 4chan virus because of “copyright memes”
  • ragecomics (troll, forever alone, me gusta, that feel when, close enough, feels bad man, FUUUUUUU, etc.)
  • Jesus take the wheel
  • harry potter
  • pottermore
  • 20+ comments in one post (WHAT IS AIR, typiNG LIKE THIS)
  • i follow back everybody
  • follow trains
  • tumblrplug
  • missing e
  • reblog if you… (support gay marriage, love this series/artist, you do something relatable, etc.)
  • that awkward moment when…
  • problematic jokes or humor posts that actually turned out to be offensive as they were sexist, racist, homophobic, etc.
  • rebecca black - friday
  • miranda cosgrove, nickelback, nicolas cage
  • swag
  • planking
  • gpoy
  • xD
  • rawr means i love you in dinosaur
  • #no1curr
  • gif or jif
  • glee gifs everywhere
  • one direction gifs everywhere
  • reaction gifs with text on them (bitch please, like a boss, this, my body is ready)
  • the xth gif in your folder is…
  • any post about david karp must be reblogged forever because everybody like worshiped him and its law cause he created tumblr
  • meme generator (those memes with a text above and below the face)
  • looking for a tumblr bestfriend/girlfriend/boyfriend..
  • uploading music was allowed
  • gif limit was 1mb.. actually 500kb..
  • reblog button was above so when there was a long post, we had to scroll all the way up to reblog it (and there were people who actually whined and complained about that update…)
  • also reblogging in a new window so it didnt refresh your dashboard
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if i like your selfie i want you to picture me slowly pressing a small heart-shaped sticker onto your forehead and saying ‘well done’


you either die a cinnamon roll or live long enough to become a problematic fave

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